Monthly Archives: July 2015

Added Back the Free Stuff

When I rebuilt the website, forgot to add the Free Stuff back in! Fixed that mistake, and if you haven’t seen it, there are two free e-books there. One on Rocky Mountain National Park and another on confidence patterns. Find them here and hope that it helps you in your fishing adventures!

Trail Running and Fly Fishing

So I have combined my love/addiction of running with my fly fishing. I’m hoping that I can use this to take you to some of the more remote places in Rocky Mountain National Park this summer, and also give you tips to have success on the mountain lakes. Here is my first video trying out the combination of the two.

New Website

I wanted to try to give everyone more information, so I converted the website over to a blog! So we’ll see how this goes. Let me know what you guys think and hope that you like it.