Trail Running and Fly Fishing

So I have combined my love/addiction of running with my fly fishing. I’m hoping that I can use this to take you to some of the more remote places in Rocky Mountain National Park this summer, and also give you tips to have success on the mountain lakes. Here is my first video trying out the combination of the two.

3 thoughts on “Trail Running and Fly Fishing

  1. Bob

    Josh. Great new website. Keep up the good work. Was great talking to you last year. If you remember, my wife and I had a great 3rd time to Rocky last September and she caught her fish of a lifetime at Lawn Lake. We are headed to Olympic and North Cascade National Parks next Friday, but maybe next year we will return to Rocky. Hey I never did purchase your excellent video. Hopefully when I get back I will order it. Can’t wait to see some remote lake/pond videos of places we my never get to. Take care Bob

  2. Austin

    What is the name of that lake you always go to? How far of a hike is it? And what flies do you use when you go there?



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