Now is the time to get out.

If you have been putting off getting into the high country, stop what you are doing and get out now! This is the time of year all the high lakes are open and fishing well, even the ones up at 12,000 ft. These fish only have a limited time to eat at these lakes so they have to eat like crazy while the getting is good!

Also, I think this leads to the myth that high county fish are stupid and just hit everything. This isn’t true in my opinion. I have had plenty of hard days up there. But now, those fish have to eat and they know it. In some of these lakes, they they have less than 3 months to eat before the lake is frozen over again, and now, the water is warming up enough for them to be really active.

Now is the time to take advantage of this feeding behavior, so go find the mountain trout you have been dreaming of.


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